Member Utilities

Guarding Your Underground Infrastructure

Kentucky 811 is your partner in preventing damages to your underground infrastructure. Members receive timely and information-rich notifications about planned excavation near their facilities. They can then mark the approximate location of those facilities, helping to protect both their facilities and the project’s excavators. Kentucky 811 members also receive access to our innovative ticket management software and online tools.

Forms for New and Existing Members

Click the button below to access all of the Kentucky 811 membership forms and submission information.

Membership Documents

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member is easy and free (members are charged per ticket according to the area they serve). Member utilities also enjoy access to a variety of resources, including:

  • Access to Locator Tickets – an online portal designed for efficient ticket management and providing electronic positive response
  • Interactive tools and maps that enhance each locate request
  • Visibility of your facilities on our maps to streamline locating (via WMS/WFS links)
  • Reporting and record retention – post locate photos and documentation
  • Safety notifications for your critical facilities
  • Capabilities to directly define and manage your notification area online
  • Emergency ticket backup notifications sent via call, text, or email upon request
  • Freedom from depending on excavators to call you directly
  • Downloadable educational resources and access to the Kentucky 811 Store

Managing Locate Requests with Locator Tickets

As a member of Kentucky 811, you receive access to Locator Tickets – a comprehensive ticket management packed with versatile features including the ability to efficiently organize and track locate requests, easily communicate positive response status with excavators in real time, and define criteria for automatic work assignments. Click the button below to access Locator Tickets and learn more.

Manage Locate Requests

Updating Notification Area Polygons

IMAP, OCC’s online mapping application, allows member utilities like you to directly view and manage your notification area. Click the button below for more information on notification area mapping and IMAP.

Notification Area Mapping

Updating Kentucky 811 Base Maps

Are you aware of an area on the Kentucky 811 base maps where the street information, property boundaries (parcels), or subdivisions need to be updated? Do you have a plat map showing a new subdivision that’s under construction, and you’d like to include it on the base maps to assist with locate requests? No problem – keeping Kentucky 811 base maps updated is simple and easy.

Send your updated maps to and our team will take it from there.

No Laptop? No Problem. Try the Free Kentucky 811 App

Monitor locate requests and provide electronic positive response right from your phone with the free Kentucky 811 app! In just a few taps, view positive response history, access helpful resources, and more in just a few taps.

Download for free:

  • Download the Kentucky 811 app from the Apple App Store
  • Download the Kentucky 811 app from the Google Play Store

Questions? Our Member Services team is here to help.

If you’re looking for more information about Locator Tickets, IMAP, or anything else, contact our Member Services team by sending an email to or by calling (877) 549-0726.